Welcome to LYNN Laboratories, Inc.

LYNN Laboratories, Inc. is a leading company. LYNN Labs has undertaken a series of polymerizable UV absorbers specialty monomers of high performance and purity for 10 yearsOur company offers a broad range of specialty polymerizable benzotriazoles and benzophenones used in orphthamalogy companies. We have expertise in synthesizing polymerizable benzotriazoles and benzophenones which are widely used in ophthalmology products such as contact lenses and cataract surgical lenses.

Currently, we are offering products in the following areas:

  • Free radical polymerizable benzotriazoles

  • Free radical polymerizable benzophenones






Benzotriazoles are a class of compounds containing the benzotriazole skeleton. Benzotriazoles are commonly used corrosion inhibitor, UV absorbers. They are colourless or light yellowish solid that is soluble in polar solvents.